Keith Veshecco Amethyst guitar string flower pendant


Keith Veshecco guitar string flower pendant

Please note in the description: Due to the high demand of the StringsforaCURE® jewelry, your order takes approximately 6-8 weeks to complete. Pendant is hand-made and may vary slightly.

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Keith Veshecco guitar string flower pendant made out of Keith’s used/played guitar string. Designed by 2x breast cancer survivor Elisa Guida, pendant is app. 2 1/8″ in length and contains a 5mm Amethyst Swarovski crystal along with a sterling silver flower charm that says: Dream, Hope, Laugh, Wish, Peace, Love. Comes with a 16, 18, 20, or 22″ beaded stainless steel chain. Due to the high demand of the StringsforaCURE® jewelry, orders take 6-8 weeks to complete. These are hand made and may vary slightly. If you want a different color for your 5mm Swarovski crystal email



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About The Musician:
Keith Veshecco

Keith Veshecco
Keith Veshecco

Keith Veshecco was an unforgettable presence in his community. He was a virtuoso musician with decades of experience on the stage and in the studio; he was a forward-thinking leader and innovator, who nurtured young artists and embraced the ever-changing technological landscape; and he was an engaged, caring member of his family and ever-widening circles of friends.

He worked for the last 40 years as a guitarist, writer, producer and engineer with a large amount of talented musicians and songwriters from Erie and the tri-state area. He played in the bands, ATV, Mr. Gone, Friction, Rhythm Method and Ouija Boys to name a few. He produced a wide range of acts from Dirty Looks, Amanda Post, Friction, Eastern Smyle, The Prodigys, Dollhouse Caper, The Earthquakers, ATV, The Peens, Ed Russell, The Frenchman and many more, in addition to engineering countless others. He founded Twang Recording Studio in 1977 with partner John Mazza and was still active recording as TRS Audio Services, still partnered with John. He still mixed live sound as well, having worked mostly with the M-80s for the past 4 years in addition to independent productions and festivals. Since 2004 Keith has worked in sales, with Robert Lewis & Associates, in the music industry.  At age 59, he passed away on Saturday, August 18, 2012 at his residence in Millcreek.

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