Lauren H.

Hi there Elisa, 

Woo-hoo! I’m so pleased to let you know that my Stevie Ray Vaughan necklace has arrived safely! Thank you, I so very much appreciate everything you have done 😊

Absolutely fantastic ❤️

Lauren H.
New Zealand
March 31, 2022

  • Lauren gets the Customer of the year award because she had to wait 8 long months for her piece because New Zealand was on lockdown. Never once did she complain, but instead complimented me for taking such good care of her order.  YOU ROCK Lauren ❤️ 
  • When I asked Lauren if I could post her comment, this was her response:
  • You can absolutely use any of my comments 😊 I could say more about how much of a pleasure you have been to deal with, I know the care you’ve given and worry it’s caused you, so knowing how important these pieces are to you has totally put my mind at ease.  I have SRV tattooed on my back, lol, I have much appreciation for the man and his music, so this necklace is very special to me, and you have made an uncontrollable situation a breeze. Thanks again Elisa.  


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