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Tutu Project Grant


A breast cancer diagnosis sucks. Some people choose to keep it private. Others set out to change the world. That’s what happened with Linda and Bob Carey. It’s not everyday that a burly, hairy-chested man dons a pink tutu for the world to see. Then again, it’s not everyday that you find out your wife has breast cancer. That’s how The Tutu Project of The Carey Foundation began in 2003: as a lark, an accident, a happy retreat in the face of confusion and fear. Shortly after we moved to the East Coast, Linda was diagnosed with breast cancer. She beat it, only to have it recur in 2006.

Check out Linda & Bob’s video http://bit.ly/2aRIOKv You will LOVE this.


The StringsforaCURE Board: L-R: Elisa Guida-Founder/Executive Director, Jan Minzenberger-Secretary, Nicole Brugger- Chairperson, Donna Rose Sherrange, Patti Larson- Development Director/ Treasurer was very excited when they learned the StringsforaCURE Foundation would receive a $7500 Grant from the Tutu Project. These funds will be used for our Medical Grants and Living Expense Grants, providing financial assistance directly to breast cancer patients.

StringsforaCURE founder Elisa Guida hopes to one day meet you two!‪#‎Dare2Tutu