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The StringsforaCURE® Foundation’s Programs that are supported by the $2500.00 Tutu grant of the Carey Foundation are for our Medical Assistance Grants and our Living Expense Grants. StringsforaCURE offers these grants to men and women diagnosed with breast cancer who live within a 60-mile radius of Erie, PA.  StringsforaCURE awards up to $1500 per patient. Patients are allowed to apply for either a Medical Grant or Living Expense Grant, but not both.  They usually work with a Healthcare provider who assists them with the application.  We have defined guidelines that the StringsforaCURE Board of Directors follows during the review process.  Once we are satisfied that all requirements are met, the board members vote on the application.

Here are some stories from patients who have received a grant from StringsforaCURE. Based on their stories, we know that there is a need for these StringsforaCURE Grant Programs.

Debra Brown from Sandy Lake, PA was our most recent Living Expense recipient. She received a $1,463.00 Living Expense Grant to cover 7 of her car payments of $209.00 each, every other week from December 2017 through February 2018.

Here is Debra’s story:
StringsforaCURE has really been a God send program for me. I have struggled over the last few months with my car payments being every two weeks and not working and fighting the struggle of breast cancer and being weak and not being up to par. This foundation is a blessing. I would so recommend it to my family and friends if they find out that they have breast cancer. I really didn’t know what I was going to do, because I would have lost my car and my way to get around if it wasn’t for StringsforaCURE. Thank you all so much for your help. God bless you all.

Debbie Chace from Conneaut Lake, PA received a Living Expense Grant this past September in the amount of $1285.00. The Living Expense grant covered Debbie’s September car insurance, September and October rent payments and September, October and November fuel payments.

Here is Debbie’s story:
I want to thank StringsforaCURE for the support and help you have given me, there are no words to express how much it means to me. I have been a nurse’s aide for 40 some years and I love what I do. When I was diagnosed in February and had to have emergency surgery, I was so overwhelmed. I am use to working all my life, it was hard for me financially, to have to stop right not. I want to say God Bless you all. I always say God has angels on earth to help those who need help in time of need. It took a lot of pressure from me. God Bless you and I do tell everyone about the help StringsforaCURE has given. It means so much to me. Thank you and God bless you all.


Sheri L. Hoban from Meadville, PA received a $1500 Medical Grant this past August. Sherri had multiple unpaid medical bills from the Meadville Medical Center and we applied our $1500 grant to her medical bills.

Here is Sheri’s story:
Thank you so much for helping my family. Without your help I don’t know how I would pay all of my medical bills. The ironic thing is that your organization raises money by using guitar strings to make jewelry. As a lover of Christian music, I think what you do is the work of God. Thank you so much and may God bless you and your organization. I will sleep well knowing that there are still good people in the world.

We also receive many thank you cards from patients that the StringsforaCURE Foundation has helped, all of which get posted on our website under “Music to Our Ears”. We are an unfunded charity that relies solely on donations from the public and from corporations and we really appreciate being part of the Tutu Project of the Carey Foundation family. This allows us to continue to provide financial assistance DIRECTLY to the breast cancer patient, since that is who needs it the most.

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