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Medical Assistance Grants

StringsforaCURE® provides a one-time Medical Assistance grant to patients based on financial need to help ease the financial burden during the patient’s cancer journey.


Eligibility Criteria:

  • Applicant must be a breast cancer patient who is a U.S. citizen and permanent resident of the U.S. and a full-time resident who lives within a 60-mile radius of Erie, PA.
  • Patient must complete and submit a Medical Assistance Grant application, including all required information, documentation and signatures.
  • The grant is awarded based on financial need.
    • Income guidelines are not disclosed.
    • Eligibility is determined on a case-by-case basis.
    • Supporting documentation may be submitted as a proof of extenuating circumstances.
  • The award period for the grant is July 1- June 30 with budget reevaluation at the beginning of each fiscal year.
  • The maximum amount of the grant is $1500 per person.
  • If you have applied for and received a Living Expense from StringsforaCURE, you are not eligible to apply for a Medical Assistance Grant.

 Allowable Expenses:

The grant is for use only on the following types of expenses:

  • Doctor or therapist co-pays, office visits, or other medical  bills (oncologist, surgeon, physical therapist, etc.)
  • Prescribed lymphedema garments and supplies
  • Prescriptions and co-pays for medications
  • Medically necessary supplies prescribed by a doctor

 This grant is for medical expenses only, not for living expenses such as rent, mortgages, utility payments or food.

Payment of Grant:

The breast cancer patient will be required to submit the following with the application in order for the application to be considered:

  • Letter from the physician treating or following up on the patient’s breast cancer diagnosis
  • Copy of patient’s photo ID with current address
  • Name of the healthcare provider, supplier, or pharmacy
  • Amount of financial assistance requested
  • Copy of the bill(s) with the amount due or estimate of the cost of the office visit, co-pay, lymphedema supplies, prescriptions or medications  from the provider or supplier and must include the breast cancer patient’s name.
  • Statement about how the patient will benefit from the StringsforaCURE Medical Assistance Grant (The information will be used by StringsforaCURE to publicize how patients benefit from these grants.)

If a patient’s grant application is approved, payment will be made directly to the health care provider, supplier or pharmacy on behalf of the patient.  The original bill(s) will be required in order for StringsforaCURE to make the payment.


  • SFAC reserves the right to contact you to verify that the accuracy of the information provided.
  • Incomplete or old applications will not be processed.
  • Approval of the grant is made by the SFAC board of directors.
  • An application may be put on hold, pending the availability of funds.
  • Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing from the time of receipt.
  • All personal patient information is considered confidential.

Please submit an application only if you meet all of the eligibility requirements above.

Do you live within 60 miles of Erie, PA?    If you answered “No” – do NOT fill out his application!

Click here to download and print the most current Medical Grant application.