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Gift Card Grant Program

The StringsforaCURE Gift Card Grant Program is now open!

The StringsforaCURE® Foundation provides $100 gas, grocery and pharmacy gift cards for breast cancer patients with a diagnosis or recurrence in the last 6 months who are in active treatment, to help ease your financial burden. 


Gift Card Grant Periods:
There are two Gift Card Grant Periods per year as follows:

*  April 1 through June 30
*  October 1 through December 31

Each grant period is limited to the award of a maximum of 72 Gift Cards. The grant period will be closed once 72 Gift Card Grants have been awarded.  No further Gift Card Applications will be accepted once we have reached the 72 Gift Card Grant limit.


Please read the following to be sure that you are eligible to apply:
This is a one-time grant. Apply only if you have had a breast cancer diagnosis or recurrence in the past 6 months and you have not already received a gift card from our Gift Card Grant program and you are in ACTIVE treatment as defined below:

  1. Surgical procedures, such as a single or bi-lateral mastectomy followed by chemotherapy, radiation, clinical trials or immunotherapy
  2. Lumpectomy followed by radiation or chemotherapy
  3. Chemotherapy followed by mastectomy or lumpectomy

Not accepted as ACTIVE Treatment: Tamoxifen, Fareston, Arimidex, Aromasin, Femara, Zoladex/Lupron, Megace, and Halotestin and other long-term hormonal therapies

If you meet the Eligibility Requirements, you can download the current Gift Card Grant Application by clicking here.

We are only accepting the revised October 2018 application.
StringsforaCURE will no longer be awarding a second Gift Card through this program.
As stated on our application, we do not accept applications via email or Fax. They must be mailed to us.

 Please NOTE:
StringsforaCURE does not mail out gift card applications. Please see your social worker, breast care navigator or physician for assistance with downloading the most current application from the StringsforaCURE website.

Please do not contact StringsforaCURE to check on the status of your application because we are busy processing all of the applications we receive!


Will you consider making a donation?

StringsforaCURE is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that depends upon support from its donors to continue to fund all of its programs. The Gift Card Grant Program is our largest and most popular program that helps patients across the country. If you are applying for a gift card or you are a relative or healthcare provider assisting a breast cancer patient with the application, please consider making a donation of any amount so that StringsforaCURE can continue to provide this valuable program. Your tax-deductible donation of any amount will help to cover the cost of a $100 gift card and will be acknowledged on the StringsforaCURE Online Virtual Quilt.    

Click Here To Donate