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Comfort Baskets

StringsforaCURE® provides comfort baskets to breast cancer patients who live within a 20 mile radius of Erie,  Pennsylvania.   Baskets contain a variety of items, such as a robe, pajamas, slippers, hair and beauty products, candles, and music, to patients based on the patient’s interests specified on the application. A friend or relative can nominate a patient to receive a comfort basket by completing an application.


  • Comfort baskets are intended for patients with breast cancer.
  • The patient must be located within a 20 mile radius of Erie, Pennsylvania
  • The application must be filled out completely in order to qualify for the foundation’s services.


  • SFAC reserves the right to contact the nominator to verify the accuracy of the information provided.
  • An application may be put on hold, pending the availability of funds.
  • Please allow 2-4 weeks for processing.
  • All personal patient information is considered confidential and treated accordingly.
  • Comfort baskets for patients living within the city of Erie and surrounding townships will be delivered by StringsforaCURE volunteers. Volunteer will contact patient to make arrangements for delivery. For those patients living outside of the Erie region, arrangements for pickup and delivery must be made by the nominator.

Please click here to download and print the Comfort Basket application.


StringsforaCURE is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that depends upon support from its donors to continue to fund all of its programs.  In order to continue to provide these programs, please consider making a tax-deductible donation that will help to defray the cost of the items in the  Comfort Basket, which has an estimated retail value of $50.  Your donation will be acknowledged on the StringsforaCURE Online Virtual Quilt.

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SFAC Comfort Basket

SFAC Comfort Basket