Mark Murphy Guitar String Pendant

Mark Murphy Guitar String Pendant

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Already made and ready to ship! Mark Murphy guitar string pendant made out of Mark’s used/played bass guitar string.  Pendant is designed by 2x breast cancer survivor Elisa Guida and is app. 2 1/4″ and comes with a 16 or 18″ silver colored chain. 


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Mark Murphy

Mark Murphy (Murph) has been playing bass since 1989. He found his home in 2000 when he joined Nino’s Blues Project as its bass guitarist. Guitarist Duke Sherman was also in the band, and the two became friends. When Nino’s Blues Project disbanded, the Duke Sherman Band took shape, with Murph and Duke as its two core members. The band — made up of Duke, Murph, Otis, and Rik — still plays today, entertaining its faithful audiences with its rockin’ blues sound

The Duke Sherman Band has been keeping audiences on their feet for more than a decade. Their bluesy rock style is reminiscent of Chicago and Texas blues. The guys have pared down their gig schedule to just their favorites, which means you can find them playing in the vineyards at local wineries in the summer and, if you’re lucky, stumble on them shaking the walls at a few bars in the winter. Find the next gig date and mark the calendar now! It’s not summer without dancing to the beat of the Duke Sherman Band.





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