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Jonny Buckland/Coldplay Guitar String Pendant

Jonny Buckland Guitar String Pendant

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One-of-a-kind pendant made out of Jonny Buckland’s donated strings, best known as the lead guitarist and co-founder of the band Coldplay. Designed by 2x breast cancer survivor Elisa Guida. Pendant is app. 2  1/4″ in length and contains a soldered sterling silver circle, 4 pieces of Jonny’s string with  4 pieces of beach glass (white, blue, green, aquamarine). Pendant comes with a 16, 18 or 2o” sterling silver chain. This piece is already made and ready to ship immediately.

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Jonathan Mark Buckland, born Jonathan Mark Buckland on September 11th 1977, known as Jon or Jonny Buckland, is the lead guitarist of the band Coldplay.

Jonny Buckland

Jonny Buckland

Buckland was born in London, England, and lived there until the age of four when his family moved to Mold, North Wales. He was encouraged into the music scene by his elder brother who was a big fan of My Bloody Valentine. Buckland started playing the guitar at the age of eleven after being spurred on by The Stone Roses, and was taught the instrument by a mysterious local music teacher known only as ‘Madigan’. He taught lessons from an upstairs room at the ‘Back Alley’ music shop in Mold and now is believed to divide his time between a studio in nearby Buckley and gigging trips to Sweden. Buckland studied astronomy and mathematics at University College London, where he also met his future band mates and formed Coldplay.

Buckland’s musical influences include Ride, George Harrison and Jimi Hendrix. He is noted for his sparse arrangements and use of slide.

Buckland has guested on Ian McCulloch’s solo album Sideling and made a cameo appearance with band mate Chris Martin in the film Shaun of the Dead.

Chris Martin will often refer to him as “Jonny Boy” frequently during live concerts, particularly if Buckland is about to do a solo or a long riff. Chris has famously said: “There would be no Coldplay music without Jonny Buckland.”. The affection between Chris Martin and Buckland is often evident during live concerts and interviews, always with tongue firmly in cheek.

He lives in London, England with his long-term girlfriend, jewelry maker Chloe Lee-Evans. It has been rumored that the couple have recently become engaged.

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