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Dearest Elisa,
Got my mail today and I opened the mail you sent me.  And I cried!  I didn’t have any milk and food, or toilet paper.  Ha! Ha!  That’s funny, but much needed, too!  I had someone take me to Target and rode the riding cart around – or much at all.  Monday I went to get my chemo shots and they knocked me down hard – real hard.  And then I had 4 hard, hard days last week.  Had 2 appointments yesterday at RCC and Monday – you know how that goes. The week before was really, really heartbreaking for me.  I don’t know who this person was, but let them know their kindness came to someone – that was me.  I was truly blessed and cried.  And it was truly a blessing.  Also, I want you to know how your journey and remission has touched my life for the better.  You know what it’s about, and because of you and what you have done, how much it meant to someone like me.  I may be Stage IV, I might be terminal, but I won’t give up.  You make a difference in this world and for all your help.  Women, we are in this fight together and you are doing so much good for women.  I want to meet you in person and we have to have coffee and talk.  Thank you again.  You know what it’s all about.
God bless you and StringsforaCURE.  Not only your journey, but your flowers and what you do – it helps me.  I just want you to know that!
With love from Sylvia Walker
February 6, 2015