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I want to thank you for my transport wheel chair and my ramp and wedge pillow. It makes the journey of terminal Stage 4 Breast and Bone Cancer less painful. I can’t walk any more on my left leg – it was sheer agony. My body feels good in my new transport chair. It’s dark red and I love it. My old one weighed a ton. It was a wheel chair and had bent wheels on it. It was given to me, but I had to junk it because it was so bad. The new one is like heaven to me. God Bless StringsforaCURE – all of you! I didn’t have the money and the one-time grant made it possible for me to be more mobile.
With all my love and prayers to you – Elisa – and all those that work with you – and the ones that donate!
You are the best ever! You really are!
Sylvia Walker
April 10, 2015