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My name is Susan and I am very thankful for the help I have received from StringsforaCure. I want to share my story with you. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in Feb. of 2010. I had a large tumor in my breast and cancer in my lymph nodes. I met Elisa many years ago but reconnected with her shortly after my diagnosis. She told me about the foundation she was starting (StringsforaCure). I thought it was a wonderful idea! At the time I was overwhelmed with my diagnosis and I was researching different treatment options. Elisa e-mailed me info about certain books and articles that were helpful. I was so busy over the summer with my appointments and taking care of my health and children. I am a single mother (divorced) taking care of two small children with very little financial help from their dad. Our income became very low since I had to take care of my medical bills. My insurance did not cover much of the treatment I was receiving. I was working on my Master’s degree and had to quit school because of my health. I was traveling to Cleveland several times a month to see my doctor and my funds were getting low. With Christmas approaching I had no money for presents for my children. I prayed each day for God to provide for us .My prayers were answered in a big way!
I ran into Elisa one night. She told me she had her foundation going and I applied for a voucher. Shortly afterward I received a gas card in the mail, which helped with my trips to Cleveland. I was so thankful for that. Then about a week or so before Christmas I still had no funds for the holidays, I received a call from Elisa stating that an anonymous donor (who was also a board member of StringsforaCure) wished to help me and my children out for Christmas. I had tears in my eyes and I knew my prayers were answered! Elisa brought over the gift cards and I could not believe the generosity of the donor and her family members. My prayers were definitely answered and my children had the best Christmas ever, they told me. I wish to thank Elisa, the anonymous donor, the board members for StringsforaCure and all the musicians who donate their strings. This has truly been a blessed Christmas. More than I had ever imagined. I continue to receive my treatments in Cleveland weekly now and God is blessing us each day.
January 2011