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Dear Elisa,

Thank you so much for the thoughtful “Purse Strings” gift I received in the mail.  My cancer journey has been a long one with over 3 years of surgeries, treatments and medications and while I am grateful my journey continues, it can get exhausting and sometimes bring you down.  The beautifully handmade purse (loaded with thoughtful goodies) and prayer patch inspired my own creativity again and I had to make a divider to sew inside my purse and attach the patch as a pocket.  It is now my “Power Purse” that holds my calendar and items that I take along with me to my appointments. It is a reminder for me of the uplifting prayers and positive energy being sent my way from friends, family and people in organizations like yours.  We can’t get through this alone, but together maybe we can make a difference and at least lift each other up to a brighter today, if not always tomorrow.  Thank you for all you do to help make the battle bearable.

Sincerely grateful,
Sandi G.
September 23, 2015