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Dear Elisa,
I want to take the time to thank StringsforaCURE for the gift card I received. I remember filling out the form and then I forgot about it. When I opened my mail, I was shocked to receive such a nice gift that I didn’t take for granted. I knew I would spend it on meat that I needed and had gone without and that’s exactly what I did. The one stipulation that I remember clearly asked that the gift not be used on tobacco products! No problem there! I couldn’t imagine doing that but understand why you would state that.

Also, I found your website ‘breast cancer tips’ sheet very good. I especially liked that it had local places of interest with contact information. It was a nice up-to-date resource that will keep me busy for a while!

I wear the wristband too! In a recent meeting at work, I was able to show it to Amanda Karns (her family business is World of Music here in Erie). She knew of you and your mission and I shared that I was the lucky recipient of one of the gift cards. It was one of the many conversations I have enjoyed with her.

Thank you for educating me and others about breast cancer and for providing financial assistance during a difficult time. I am still on my journey but consider myself a cancer survivor already. Keep up the excellent work.

Mary L.
April 4, 2014