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Dear StringsforaCURE Foundation,

I would like to thank you for the $100 gift card to Target.  It is helping me and my family with toiletries and such.  Your organization and how it began is unique and exciting with the guitar strings.  Elisa must be a very talented woman.  How is she doing these days?  I have limited computer and can’t always go on sites.

A little about my personal outlook… I am 52 with 3 darling kids.  I had this triple negative BRCA1 positive monster of a cancer 3 x.  Lots of chemo.  It’s taken a toll (physically and mentally) and I’m tired.  I have met some wonderful people along my journey.  I’m still writing places like yours to suggest other ways I could raise the money.  I’m losing hope as the months pass.

God bless you for what you gave to me.  Could you please hug Elisa and thank her too!

Marilyn Ruberg
August 30, 2016