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Elisa and StringsforaCURE:

Thank you so much for the medical grant to pay my hospital bill and the gas card for my daily trips to the Oncology center for my treatments.

The day prior to the phone call from your organization, I was having a very emotional day. I was overwhelmed with the medical bills as well as the daily treatments. I had prayed to God that day for the strength and the way to cope. The very next day you answered my prayers. You are an angel. You have inspired me and renewed my faith in humanity. Your kindness towards me helped me believe everything will be okay and gave me hope.

I am excited to see the necklace that my sister Bev has purchased for me, as well as the one she got for herself.  It is her way of giving back for all the help I received and to help others in need.

One day, when I am on my feet physically and financially, I hope to pay it forward. We need more angels like you in the world.

I want to add that my last radiation was December 30th, YAY! I have kicked cancers Butt! Now its just check ups, meds, occasional bone scan and blood work. I can handle that!

I can never thank you enough!

February 10, 2016