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Dear Elisa,
My name is Frances Wilson and I am the recipient of one of your organization’s gift cards. I wanted to thank you and let you know how much I appreciated your work and your generosity. Treatment for breast cancer certainly comes with a lot of direct costs; but a lot of unseen costs, such as gasoline for the many, many, many trips to the Cancer Ctr. Receiving an extra $100 at such a difficult time was indeed a blessing! However, your gift also had a spiritual component that went beyond the monetary value. Just knowing that someone who walked that path before me cared was an immense boost to my soul at a particularly low time.

I wanted to share an image with you that may make you smile. When I received the pink rubber bracelet in the package from you, I told my husband that it was your desire for the bracelet to be worn to let others know about StringsforaCURE. He is a nearly 60 year old man with a swarthy complexion and tons of dark black body hair, but he has been rocking that bracelet for days now where he works. It is indeed an image of stark contrast and it certainly gets a lot of attention at the shop where he works as a supervisor!
Thank you again for all the great work that you do.

Mrs. Frances M. Wilson
June 18, 2014