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Cancer – It drains you emotionally, physically, mentally & financially. In a time of “fighting for your life” it’s hard to figure out how to stay afloat. There were so many worried how to make ends meet each month. Our mortgage is our largest payment & weighs us down every month. All the while short term has stopped while I wait for long term/SS to get approved. Our bills still need to be paid. Anxiety begins to set in which is a whole other fight. I was so beyond moved when I was told our next 3 mortgage payments would be taken care of by your organization. I cried to myself (because I was the only one here). I smiled & waited for my family to get out of work so I could share the wonderful news w/my family. They were overjoyed as I was. My husband especially  just knowing people want to help take care of us.

It’s times like this that I’m reminded “no one fights alone?” There is so much support around me & I’m beyond blessed for that.
Your organization has put a smile on my face & so much happiness in my heart. I’m grateful for ALL the support you’ve blessed my family with. You’ve made our lives so much easier, which makes my fight easier.

Forever grateful for your support!
March  18, 2019