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HeartStrings Grant Statement:

When I was notified that my family was given the HeartStrings grant, I was shocked. Just before being notified I had a surgery which required a long road to healing – one I am still healing from. It made my heart so full because my work was questioning my return so knowing we could lose our income and insurance was a scary factor to me.

Knowing out biggest bill was being taking care of for the next four months gave me hope that we  would get through this hardship. Later communicating with Elisa, she explained it was really 5 payments, just brought tears to my eyes and to my husband’s as well.

Cancer is hard – financially, emotionally and physically. StringsforaCURE just found a way for us to smile, knowing something so good was given to us. it’s a feeling of how do we ever re-pay you? What help can we do for you?

Beyond Grateful – Ashley C.
HeartStrings Grant recipient
March 31, 2020