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What StringsforaCURE means to me…
We share a strong and special bond. All of the love and tenderness helped me feel better about myself and get through the pain of it all. Your blessings of beautiful gifts such as your Comfort Basket and Purse Strings care package and the Living Expense grant that paid my bills, took away a lot of worry. This way I could focus on myself to get stronger again.

Your blessing have helped me to recover more peacefully, which I believe is very important to be able to recover much quicker. To know I was not alone on this journey of emotional and physical pain. Knowing you’re praying for all of us women and men who have been through breast cancer, I am also praying for all of us .

I am very thankful for all your love and care. I will give back in the very near future, to help other women/men get through their dark times with breast cancer. To keep StringsforaCURE going strong.

Much Love & Blessings to you all,
Anne L. Shull
November 2016