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Elisa and StringsforaCURE:

The social worker at my Oncology Institute led me to your organization.  I had been very ill and was in for a treatment and was much more emotional and open about how difficult it was becoming for me.  After getting through the initial surgery and months of chemo – I hit a wall.  And it hurt!  I know you’ve been there and understand the daily challenges.  I have been continuing to work as able, and have just made the extremely difficult decision to cut to one day a week (to keep medical benefits) for my last few months of chemo. since I can’t tolerate even half-time now.  Having worked through all my savings and insurance, I hit the point of trying to determine what bills can be paid and what can’t.

The $100 Sheetz card came just then.  My tears turned  from tears of frustration to tears of thanks.  Gas/snacks/lunch….prayers answered.

I can’t wait to be able to pay it forward..  Thank you so much for all that you do.  May God bless you and your mission.

More thanks than I can possibly relay in words.  Big HUG!

February 19, 2016