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Living Expense Grant

StringsforaCURE provides a one-time Living Expense grant to patients based on financial need to help ease the financial burden during the patient’s cancer journey.


Will you consider making a donation?

StringsforaCURE is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that depends upon support from its donors to continue to fund all of its programs. The Living Expense Grant provides up to $1,500 in financial assistance for living expenses to breast cancer patients in Erie, PA and the surrounding areas. Without this grant some patients would not be able to pay their living expenses while undergoing their treatment.  If you are applying for a Living Expense Grant or you are a relative or healthcare provider assisting a breast cancer patient with the application, please consider making a donation of any amount so that StringsforaCURE can continue to provide this valuable program.  Your tax-deductible donation of any amount will help to cover the cost of a Living Expense Grant and will be acknowledged on the StringsforaCURE Online Virtual Quilt.

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Eligibility Criteria:

  • Applicant must be a breast cancer patient who is a U.S. citizen and permanent resident of the U.S. and a full-time resident who lives within a 60-mile radius of Erie, PA.
  • Patient must complete and submit a Living Expense Grant application, including all required information, documentation and signatures.
  • The grant is awarded based on financial need.
  • Income guidelines are not disclosed.
  • Eligibility is determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • Supporting documentation may be submitted as a proof of extenuating circumstances.
  • All bills submitted for consideration must include the breast cancer patient’s name on the account.
  • The award period for the grant is July 1- June 30 with budget reevaluation at the beginning of each fiscal year.
  • The maximum amount of the grant is $1,500 per person.
  • If you have applied for and received a Medical Assistance Grant from StringsforaCURE, you are not eligible to apply for a Living Expense Grant.

Allowable Expenses:

The grant is for use only on the following types of expenses:

  • Mortgage – the mortgage bill must include the breast cancer patient’s name on the account.
  • Rent Payments – a current lease which includes the breast cancer patient’s name must be submitted.
  • Car Payments – the car payment bill must include the breast cancer patient’s name on the account.
  • Car Insurance Payments – the car insurance bill must include the breast cancer patient’s name on the account.
  • Utility (Gas, Electric, Water, Sewer, Refuse) Payments – the utility bills must include the breast cancer patient’s name on the account.
  • Health Insurance Premium Payments – the health insurance bill must include the breast cancer patient’s name or the breast cancer patient must submit a copy of his or her insurance card.

This grant is for living expenses only, such as rent, mortgage, utilities, and insurance payments, NOT for medical, gas, grocery or pharmacy expenses or non-essential living expenses, such as phone, cable, Direct TV, etc.

Payment of Grant:

If a patient’s grant application is approved, payment will be made directly to the patient’s creditors on behalf of the patient.

The breast cancer patient will be required to submit a story or statement about how the patient benefited from the StringsforaCURE Living Expense Grant with an option to have a photograph taken at the discretion of the SFAC Board of Directors. The information will be used by StringsforaCURE to publicize how patients benefit from these grants.

In order for StringsforaCURE to make a payment to a creditor, the following must be provided with the application:

  • Total amount of financial assistance requested
  • The original bill(s) from the creditors, (such as a mortgage company, rental agency, car loan and/or insurance company, utility provider, health insurance provider.) with the amount due from the creditor(s) listed above all of which must include the breast cancer patient’s name on the accounts.


  • SFAC reserves the right to contact you to verify that the accuracy of the information provided.
  • Incomplete or old applications will not be processed.
  • Approval of the grant is made by the SFAC board of directors.
  • An application may be put on hold, pending the availability of funds.
  • Please allow 6-8 weeks for processing.
  • All personal patient information is considered confidential.

Click here to download and print the most current Living Expense Grant application.   Please submit an application only if you meet all of the eligibility requirements above.