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The Pennies2Patients® fundraising program is a simple way to raise funds to help further our mission to educate, comfort, support and provide financial assistance directly to cancer patients, primarily those with breast cancer.

It’s very easy to get started! Just request an official Pennies2Patients container from StringsforaCURE, fill out a form with the contact information of the person responsible for the container and then start collecting pennies or coins of any denomination! This is a great way to raise awareness of breast cancer in schools and colleges. The fundraising can even be part of a competitive event between schools or between various classrooms within the school. The Pennies2Patients container can also be placed in an office, store, hair salon, barber shop, etc.

Become part of the StringsforaCURE team! Request your Pennies2Patients container by contacting us by email at: info@stringsforacure.org