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Our Mission

StringsforaCURE® is an Erie, PA based 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization dedicated to providing education, comfort, financial assistance and emotional support directly to breast cancer patients. 

For the past 9 ½ years, the StringsforaCURE Foundation has helped over 2,068 breast cancer patients, distributing over $401,383.00 to these patients through our Gift Card Grant Program, Medical Grant Program, Living Expense Grant Program as well as our other financial assistance programs.

We are making changes in 2020 and the StringsforaCURE Foundation’s board of directors decided not to accept any new applications for these grants. However, we will continue to make payments on the grants that have already been committed to assist these patients.

We hope that the grants that StringsforaCURE awarded to you or the patients under your care were appreciated and have helped to provide some financial relief to these patients during their breast cancer journey.

You can read our Breast Cancer Tips sheet and Resource Guide to see if there is another breast cancer charity that may be able to help you.

  • Breast Cancer Tips – online list of elisa’s personal tips for dealing with a breast cancer diagnosis as well as support programs, books and other resources.
  • Resource Guide – online guide listing the support programs available to cancer patients.